A whole new way to think about workplace relationships! All of our programs and products are focused on building trust in the workplace. Whether the subject is EEO & Affirmative Action for supervisors, Interviewing Skills for HR & selecting officials; Harassment Prevention for the entire workforce, interpersonal communication skills for an effective workforce, the supervisor as coach and mentor or Diversity for the entire workforce – our programs and products teach practical skills for building trust with employees, colleagues, customers and clients, and bosses!

In recent decades, studies from a variety of disciplines are showing that a growing and significant segment of our workforce across the nation is disengaged; often feeling that they are not treated fairly in the workplace and that their employer does not care. Studies also show that the key is the relationship the individual has with his or her supervisor.

Core message
When there is trust in relationships, our mistakes don’t lead to litigation! They lead to conversation, resolution and deeper relationships!
Simple Guarantee
We offer a simple guarantee. In any of our classes, managers, with years of supervisory experience and numerous training classes on these topics under their belt, will come out of this class saying that this is the best course they have ever taken; it is eye-opening; and it is a paradigm shifting experience.